Sunday, November 1, 2015

I Love My Pirate Papa

For the entire month of November, Raising A Reader will highlight books that focus on families!

CELEBRATE FAMILY LITERACY MONTH and share this fun title with your child! 

I Love My Pirate Papa is appropriate for all children.
(Harcourt Children's Books, 2007)

Even pirates read bedtime stories! In the charming story, I Love My Pirate Papa, a young boy takes us on a journey through his day as a pirate with his pirate papa. Together they hoist the anchor, discover hidden treasure, chow down on some grub and then his pirate papa tucks him in with his bedtime story. You and your child will adore he darling illustrations by Kyle M Stone and delight in the fun rhyming story written by Laura Leuck. 

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Sequencing:
While you read I Love My Pirate Papa, ask your child to listen and watch the order of this pirate family's day. After you have ready through the story, pull out a few details and ask your child if they remember what order they happened. For example, did they eat stew before or after divvying up the treasure? This daily routine can be reflected in your child's own life. Does your child eat dinner before going to school? I Love My Pirate Papa provides an excellent opportunity to discuss sequencing and order within the story and within your child's own life.

Do this with your child:
What child doesn't love to be silly? If you're feeling adventurous, read I Love My Pirate Papa (or just parts of it) in your best pirate voice. Reading in different voices exposes your child to new experiences and can deepen their interest and engagement in the story. Ask your child to try out their best pirate voice too. Chance "arrrre" that there will be some serious giggling all around!

If you're interested in sharing I Love My Pirate Papa with your child you can find it from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt here and like them on Facebook.

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