Friday, November 25, 2016

Feast for 10

FOR THE THANKSGIVING WEEKEND, share this title with your child! 

Feast for 10 is appropriate for children of all ages.

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Feast for 10 from author Cathryn Falwell is a simple and beautiful story listing out all the things this family is using for their feast. You'll count from 1-10 twice as the family makes their way through the grocery store and through the meal prepping process. Readers young and old will delight in the familiarity of the traditional family meal time and lively collage images.

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Sequencing:
Feast for 10 is a perfect story to practice sequencing with your young reader. Each page takes you through a new number. After reading, look through the story again and have your child put the events in order. Did the family pick 5 types of beans or 2 pumpkins first? Ask questions using the words first, then and next. By analyzing the sequence of events in the story, your child will further their engagement with the book and deepen their interest in the story.

Do this with your child:
After reading Feast for 10 talk with your child about traditions. Does your family have a specific meal they like to prepare? Did you celebrate Thanksgiving with a turkey and mashed potatoes or do you prepare a different menu? This is also an excellent book to use for counting. You and your child can count items on your own trip to the grocery store or even in your own kitchen!

If you're interested in sharing Feast for 10 with your child you can find it from Houghton Mifflin & Harcourt here. Please like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for more inspiring tales.

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