Friday, December 16, 2016

Flores Family Cafe/La lonchería

FOR THE WEEKEND, share this title Family themed title with your child! 

Flores Family Café/ La lonchería is appropriate for school age children.

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Flores Family Café/ La lonchería from author Ann Stalcup is a beautiful bilingual book that highlights the strength of family bonds in the face of an obstacle. In this story an unexpected letter changes the lives of a family in Baja, California. Read along to find out how they worked together in this story of family loyalty and ingenuity. In Flores Family Café/ La lonchería, we all learn that when you mix flowers, determination and inspiration you get a beautiful slice of life.

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Take a Picture Walk:
Flores Family Café/ La lonchería is a wonderful book for taking a picture walk. Before you read the story with your child, flip through the pages and look at the pictures. Ask your child what they see in the pictures. Do they see people, where are they, what is around them. After gathering that information you can take it one step further and ask what they think is happening in the pictures, how do the people look like they are feeling, where might they be going, what are they doing. Then as you read, you can learn if their predictions came true.

Do this with your child:
After reading Flores Family Café/ La lonchería talk with your child about the things you do together as a family. The Flores family worked together to overcome their circumstances and improve their situation. Is there anything you work on as a family, no matter how big or small? Take some extra time to do something special together, do a puzzle, make a special dinner together, etc. 

If you're interested in sharing Flores Family Café/ La lonchería with your child you can find it from Lectura Books here. Please like on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for more.

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