Friday, December 9, 2016

The Family Book

FOR THE WEEKEND, share this title Family themed title with your child! 

The Family Book is appropriate for children of all ages.

Readers young and old will delight in the bright and bold The Family Book from Todd Parr. This books touches on the many diverse types of families that fill our world. Some families are big, some are small; some families like in a house by themselves, some live in a house with other families. But the text also describes what makes all families the same. All families like to celebrate special days and all families are sad when they lose someone. Todd Parr does an amazing job reminding us all that despite our differences, we are more alike than we sometimes think!

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Making Predictions:
The Family Book is a great book to use to make predictions about what's to come. Each page depicts a different type of family, large or small, messy or clean. As you read the first type, ask your child what they think the next family might be. By giving them a role to play in sharing the story, they will be further engaged in the text. 

Do this with your child:
After reading The Family Book talk with your child about all the types of families there are. Talk with your child about your own family and ask questions about which parts of the book relate to your own family and which are different. Make a list using the pages in the book to see what type of family you have!

If you're interested in sharing The Family Book with your child you can find it from Little Brown Books for Young Readers here. You can like Todd Parr on Facebook and follow him on Twitter for more inspiration.

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