Friday, October 7, 2016

Busy Animals: Learning About Animals in Autumn

FOR THE WEEKEND, share this fall themed title with your child! 

Busy Animals: Learning About Animals in Autumn is appropriate for school age children.

Busy Animals: Learning About Animals in Autumn from author Lisa Bullard and illustrator Nadine Takvorian takes you on a journey through a nature preserve during autumn. Readers will learn all about animals hustle and bustle in autumn and the variety of the changes that animals experience during the season. From migration to hibernation, join the adventures of animals in autumn.

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Making Connections:
Busy Animals: Learning About Animals in Autumn is a wonderful book to use to make connections. So many animals experience changes during the fall. Does your child recognize any of the animals, have they seen butterflies in the backyard of read any other stories about bears hibernating? Have they seen other changes in the fall, leaves changing color, the sun setting earlier? By making connections between the text and their world around them, your child will be able to further their engagement with the story.

Do this with your child:
Changes abound in Busy Animals: Learning About Animals in Autumn. Take a walk outside to look for changes in your own neighborhood. Are there leaves changing color or on the ground? Does the air feel colder than in the summer? Are there more clouds in the sky? As you walk, talk with your child about all of the changes you both see.

If you're interested in sharing Busy Animals: Learning About Animals in Autumn with your child you can find it from Capstone Publishing here. Please like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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