Friday, October 28, 2016

Frankie Stein

FOR THE WEEKEND, share this Halloween title with your child! 

Frankie Stein is appropriate for children of all ages.

Frankie Stein from author Lola M Schaefer and illustrator Kevin Atteberry is a charming tale of one perfectly adorable, rosy cheeked boy born to Mr. and Mrs Frank N. Stein. Concerned that their son isn't scary enough, the monster parents try all sorts of tricks to turn up the terror on little Frankie. As it turns out, Frankie has his own terrifying trick up his sleeve.

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Take A Picture Walk:
Frankie Stein is a great story for taking a picture walk. Before you read with your child, flip through the pages and discuss what they see in the pictures. You can ask questions about who they see and where the characters are. Take it one step further and ask your child what they think is happening; then after you read the story see if their predictions were correct. 

Do this with your child:
The Stein family of the charming Frankie Stein work to make little Frankie as scary as they can. They attempt several spooky transformations, like blue hair and green spots. Have our child draw a scary picture of a spooky monster to use as a Halloween decoration. 

If you're interested in sharing Frankie Stein with your child you can find it from Two Lions Books, an imprint of Amazon Publishing here

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