Friday, October 14, 2016

Leaf Jumpers

FOR THE WEEKEND, share this fall themed title with your child! 

Leaf Jumpers is appropriate for children of all ages.

Leaf Jumpers from author Carole Gerber and illustrator Leslie Evans gracefully tells the story of fall leaves. The reader will follow along with the poetic tone and delightful pictures as you join the child raking leaves in autumn. There's even a snippet at the end of the story about why leaves change color.

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Retelling:
Leaf Jumpers is a wonderful book for retelling. Ask your child to take a turn to tell you the story after you have read it. Let them lead the way. If they ask for help, prompt them with a reminder, otherwise they're in charge this time! By taking an active role in the story, your child will further their connection with the text and deepen their engagement with the story.

Do this with your child:
There are a variety of leaves illustrated in Leaf Jumpers. Take a walk outside to look for some leaves that might have fallen in your neighborhood. Do any of the leaves that you found match the leaves from the book? Pick your favorite leaf from the story or from your walk and draw it!

If you're interested in sharing Leaf Jumpers with your child you can find it from Charlesbridge Publishing here. Please like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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